MCWAS Jumu'ah Salah - 25th December 2020

🔹To attend, you need to book your space online beforehand. You are not able to just turn up on the day without making a booking or you will be regrettably turned away.

🔹 When making your booking, you will be given a space allocation (row + place number). You must sit only in that particular spot for your Salah.

🔹 Please show the QR code / Allocated seat from your confirmed booking to the volunteer upon arrival.

🔹First jamat: Doors open at 12:15 and close at 12:28. Khutbah 12:30 and prayer finish 12:45.

🔹Second jamat: Doors open at 13:00 and close at 13:13. Khutbah 13.15 and prayer finish 13:30.

🔹 Do not book or reserve a space for anyone else; everyone must make their own booking.

🔹 Please come 10 minutes before your booking allotted time, otherwise your space could be given to someone else.

🔹 Queue in such as a way as to maintain 2m distancing inside and outside the masjid; no crowding.

🔹 Disperse immediately after leaving. Do not mingle and chat on the pavements.

🔹 Do not bring a prayer mat. Disposable prayer mats will be provided.

🔹 You must bring a face mask. Face masks are now compulsory by law, so you must bring one. (If you have a medical exemption for masks, at least wear a visor.)

🔹Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition which makes them vulnerable to COVID, or anyone with COVID symptoms in themselves or in their household must not enter.

🔹The Wudhu and toilet areas will be closed. You must come with Wudhu.

🔹 Children under the age of 13 are not allowed. Over 70s are are not allowed. We strongly encourage those over 60 to pray at home. 

🔹Please pray Sunnah at home, not at the Masjid

🔹If, after making a booking you change your mind, please cancel the booking in the Eventbrite platform; to enable others the opportunity to pray Jumuah.

🔹If you do not follow the instructions, we have the right to refuse entry even if you have booked.

🔹To make your booking, please book your space through Eventbrite:

May Allah accept our ibaadah and bless us all.

MCWAS Trustees